2005 Kia Sorento blowing white smoke

my 2005 Kia,want start in the morning but if you get it started it will blow out white smoke start all day just in the morning it don’t start…could you tell me what to try i put new plug in it…please help

When you say it does not start what happens? Turn the key and silence? Turn the key and you only hear a click? Turn the key and the starter spins but the engine does not crank? Turn the key and the engine cranks but does not start? Once it does start do you smell raw gas? Does the car idle rough? When you replaced the plugs what did the old ones look like? Did you replace the coil packs? How many miles on the engine, is the check engine light on? How does the oil look like? Take the fill cap off and see if there is a muddy residue on it, white smoke usually means water is getting into the cylinders meaning a leaking head gasket. Are you loosing any coolant, also a sign of a head gasket problem. Tell us more and we can try to help you.

White smoke out the tailpipe on cold days at the first start of the day is normal. If you get a cloud of white smoke coming out the tailpipe after the engine is warmed up, especially during acceleration (like up a freeway on-ramp) that means coolant is getting into the cylinders; i.e. head gasket or intake manifold gasket problem. First focus should be on determining if those gaskets are the problem. Hopefully you’ll discover that’s not the problem. If so, post back w/more info as requested above about the hard to start problem.

How cold is it when it won’t start in the morning?


No problems starting in warm weather?