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2005 Honda Pilot - Timing belt replacement

How much did you pay for your timing belt replacement?

You just need to get estimates from shops near you . Because where you have it done ( Since we don’t know where you are ) the price will vary from region to region and independent shops compared to dealers.

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We recently had the one big service done on our 2006 Accord. Attached is the receipt from our trusted local shop. You can use it as a general guide. The Accord we have is a V6 with the same or similar engine to a Pilot from '05.

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One of the places I would ask would be your local Honda dealership. Dealers can sometimes be competitive on routine procedures, and as I found;tires.

I say this a lot, but if you have it done at a dealership, make sure to specify that the entire timing belt kit, including the pulleys and tensioner, should be replaced. Many Honda dealerships are reluctant to do this if they don’t think there’s anything wrong with the parts.

And tell them to replace the water pump whether it’s leaking or not - again, many Honda dealerships only replace if they see a leak. Get a new estimate for how much all of this will cost, because it won’t be competitive with the locals anymore. I learned this the hard way.


That depends on the dealership. Tires at any dealership I’ve dealt with were easily 50-70% MORE then would I could buy the exact same tire for at a local tire shop. I got a flyer from my dealer for a special on the cabin air filter - $70. It’s a 5 minute job and the filter costs $15.

i also think a dealer WILL look for things to service at major miles. like 30k and 60k. i had a dealer oil change as their price for syn oil was reasonable and service writer said they checked cabin filter but did not replace it. vs replacing it and billing me?

And you fell for it? Dealers say they do a lot…but they don’t.

Any good independent mechanic will tell you if other service is needed.

True Story. Many years ago I had to go to the Nissan dealer for a specific exhaust part that no-one carried. I decided to let them fix it…After an hour with my truck on the rack for a 15 minute job the service writer comes out and hands me a list of well over $1,500 in service they say my truck needs. The largest of that bill was a timing belt (which I replaced less then a month before). When I asked them how they determined I needed a timing belt change - their response was “We don’t have any record of file of this service ever being done.” I told them to take my truck off the rack and give me my keys back…and never set foot in that dealership again. A few years later I drove 20 miles past them to, buy my next Pathfinder.

I’ve had the timing belt changed on our Odyssey minivan for around $700. I believe that included the water pump, tensioner, etc.

As a follow on to @shadowfax, the pulleys and tensioner are likely original and 14 years later should be replaced. Have them inspect the oil seals too. Since the coolant is drained, replace it. In 2012 I had the timing belt, water pump, coolant, and drive belt replaced on a 2005 Accord V6. It cost $700 at the dealer in 2012. The dealer price was much better than anyone else.

There are still shops that charge only $70 an hour?


Sounds to me the dealer simply listed the things that should be done (or should have been done) at a certain mileage. I don’t see anything wrong with that. All you had to do is tell them, it was done and be happy getting the specific exhaust part that no one else carried. Did you expect them to asked you first whether or not each item on that list was already performed,

A vast number of customers DO need a reminder that some recommended maintenance should be performed.

Maybe it was clean and didn’t need replacing.

To replace timing belt, cam seals, and water pump looks to be about 6 hours, plus parts. I’d replace the front crankshaft seal too, assuming that’s easily done as part of this job. $1000-$1500 parts & labor is my guess. It depends on where you live as labor rates vary quite a bit by location.

I do. I didn’t ask them for an inspection. Their only reason for the inspection was to drum up business (most of which was completely unnecessary). Sorry…they were crooks…actually still are crooks.

I didn’t get into all the details…so I will. One of the other things mentioned were cam seals. I asked them how they determined that. Their response…they found oil dripping on the lower heater hose. That is total crock. No way in hell can you determine cam seals are bad unless you visually inspect them.

I went to another dealer 2 weeks later…and they replaced the part in 15 minutes at a cost of $50.