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2005 Honda Odyssey - CEL

Dear Car Talk, My Honda has over 190k miles. My “check engine light” comes on periodically, then goes out by itself. I have always used “top-tier” gas (primarily Chevron or Shell mid-grade), so I am hoping that the catalytic converter is not the problem. My Honda dealer has not found a exact cause, yet, for this happening. Can you give me some direction on what else could be causing this? Thanks, Jon

A Honda dealer should be able to hook up a scan tool and see any current, history or pending codes that are stored in the computer.

They did that but said results were “inconclusive” but likely not the cat-converter. They replaced the gas cap a few months prior and that took care of the problem for a short time.

Thanks for the response.

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If you can get to an auto parts store while the light is on and get the codes read and post them here, we can try and help you. The format would be P0123

An alternative to to buy an inexpensive code reader and get the codes yourself whenever they occur and post them.

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