2005 Honda CR-V - Oil loss

I have a problem with unexplained oil loss no external leaks no smoke but for no reason 3-4 qts. low on oil will be fine for months then all of a sudden its low ck eng light cam sensor had that and timing chain replced dealer I am a Tech but clueless Please HELP wifes car Thank you

Pretty good chance the oil is getting past rings and burned in engine. The cat prevents the exhaust smoke. Some oil loss this route is normal. If your oil loss is less than one quart per 1000 miles, you’re going to have to live with it, as most manufactures say that is normal. Check the oil level frequently between oil changes, and top it off when it gets more than 1/2 quart low. If I had that problem I’d replace the engine oil and filter every 5,000 miles. The timing chain problems you mention indicate your oil changes are probably too infrequent.

I’m more worried about miles then months… You could drive 2 miles a day or 200 miles a day… If you are going 5K miles and then it starts using oil that is different then going 800 miles and using oil…

There IS a reason, the oil is getting past the rings and burning. If you want this car not to seize up while your wife is driving it, she needs to learn to check her oil VERY regularly or you need to do it for her.

Take notes of mileage and amount added so you can estimate how many miles you get per quart of oil. If it is less than 1000 miles per quart, start saving for a newer car or trade this one.

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What kind of tech are you?

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Add this to the oil and see if the oil loss stops or slows down.



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According to Mr Google, your engine only holds 4.4 quarts . (with filter).
So if you have been having to add 4 quarts multiple times then you might be ready for another engine cause running on a 1/2 a quart is not doing your engine any favors…

If you are an automotive tech that keeps adding 3-4 quarts of oil, (should never have to add more than a quart at a time on a daily driver, cause you should know to check it more often) then you might want to think about a different line of work… lol


lol … My engineer & scientist friends always had the most poorly maintained cars in the parking lot. The marketing folks, flawless, perfectly maintained cars. What’s that saying about the cobbler’s kids are the ones who never have good shoes?

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Pretty much… :rofl: