2005 Honda Accord immobilizer question

Our Honda Accord will not start and we think the Immobilizer is not working but how should we fix it and do we need to?

At first we thought it was a battery error as the battery was drained after the car had been sitting in the garage for a long time, but once we hooked up a emergency battery to jumpstart the car, the car turned on immediately and began honking loudly, but it would not start completely. All the lights would turn on and blare and the ignition would make a noise but it would not complete it’s sound signifying the car had started.

Mechanic at the Honda dealer thinks the problem is the Honda Immobilizer which is not working properly, but the local dealership has no Immobilizers in stock for the next 4 months, and they are not sold by a third party like O”Reily or Rockauto. The question is do we need to replace the Immobilizer or does it need to simply be reprogrammed? Otherwise should we simply ask the mechanic to remove it? Honestly we keep the car in our garage at home so we’re not worried about it being stolen.

Thanks! Long time listeners of the Tappet Brothers and have always enjoyed the show!



Is it not working properly, or is it just activated because the battery died while the alarm was on? Lots of alarms will default to alarm mode if they were armed when power was cut because car thieves like to cut the power to the alarm when they steal cars.

First step is to find the immobilizer fuse and make sure it’s not blown.

Second step is to verify that the battery in your key fob isn’t dead, because if it is the car won’t see the key.

After that, I would definitely look into whether or not reprogramming/resetting the immobilizer would fix it.