2005 Ford Taurus - knocking noise when I brake

Hi Everyone!

I have a 2005 Ford Taurus. I recently took it to a mechanic who replaced my rear brake pads, and drums. After that, the car was returned with a knocking noise coming from the back brakes every time I use them. Fairly loud - can be heard in and out of the car…rhythmic sound, begins to quiet as the car comes to a stop.

Returned to the mechanic- twice - who took off the wheels, and pads, and put on new drums. readjusted/realigned everything.
Noise went away for about 20 minutes, and returned on my drive home.

Took too another mechanic, who took everything off and inspected it and said everything looks great and nothing is loose, defective, or out of alignment, and is totally safe- BUT they hear the noise, and can’t figure out where its coming from. They told me to give it some time, and see if it goes away.

Its been over a month and the noise is still happening. I’m starting to feel a slight pulsing in the brakes now as I brake from higher speeds.
any ideas? Its driving me batty.

Does each of the rea wheels turn freely and noiseless when jacked off the ground?

first it is spelled brakes and its pads and rotors or shoes and drums.

Marc–I’m not sure that we should be going down the corrective road again, but–if you want to take that route–please be aware that your sentence should read as follows:

First it is spelled, “brakes”, and it’s pads and rotors, or shoes and drums.

That being said, if the car in question has disc brakes on the rear wheels, then I believe the problem is that either the wrong pads were used, or they are somehow moving/shifting when the brakes are applied. If the rear brakes are of the drum variety, then…I am stumped.

New drums? Good effort at fixing brake issue. Seems to me Taurus drums are held on with nut on spindle shaft. Yes, for the rear drums. Did a early 2k Taurus not long ago. Don’t know if design changed. Sure seems odd for 2 nd mechanic to not find issues from mechanic 1 job.

The second mechanic heard it too, and cannot find it? It may not be the brakes, but in the suspension or something loose in the trunk. Something is loose somewhere. Everything behind the front seats needs to be shook down.

Granted - I know nothing about cars, but I’m equally stumped.
Its def drums because the 1st mechanic put new ones on and when I returned the car because of the noise, they told me they were defective drums and put new ones on again.

Its not coming from the trunk or behind the seats - its def coming from the back brakes.
I listened again yesterday and it seems to be a knocking, followed immediately by a short clunk. I didn’t even notice the clunk at first.

Whats happening sounds very similar to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2jx7AwvfLY

This link says that it could potentially be a loose brake plate?

Who do I take this to- the dealer or another mechanic?

if its rythmic i don’t think it would it would be suspension related…i just had the exact same problem 2 weeks ago… turned out to be a leaking wheel cyllinder…not really leaking…just seeping out onto the brakes

or if u have hubcaps take it off of the side the noise is coming from and see if it goes away…thats one of the suggestions i came across multiple times when i was researching this same issue

Sometimes small pebbles can get stuck in niches of the wheels and brakes and can be very difficult to find unless everything is taken apart and the brake components – calipers and pads, or drums and shoes, backing plate – temporarily removed. Has the mechanic removed the wheel and shaken it? Sometimes a pebble can get stuck in the wheel and cause this, although usually this would be noticed braking and not braking.