2005 ford focus problems need help

So i left my car running ran into a store came out it had tirned off so went to start it it and it wouldnt turn over all you could hear was clicking from the starter so had a guy boost it and engine turned over and started just fine but i had no power to anything i couldnt even take the tranny outta park? So i left it sitting for about an hour went back and it fired up just fine any ideas? Had battery tested and it was fully charged. Also when car is off and im inside my interior lites flash on and off as well as theres a beeping like every 5 to 10 minutes and ideas wood b greatly appreciated ty

How long did you leave it running while you ran into the store? Might some helpful prankster have turned it off for you? At least they didn’t take the car with them… I’m curious how long you may have had this car. Did someone else perhaps install an aftermarket alarm system that is now giving you problems? Do you have a remote lock key fob? Is it a Ford original? If not, it’s probably an aftermarket alarm system. When you were trying to get it out of park, did you have your foot on the brake for sure? If you did, do your brake lights work every time? If they don’t, perhaps your brake light switch is faulty or out of adjustment.

And so on and so on and so on.

Nah woodnt have been a prankster i had my dog invthere and it was like 100 degrees and ive owned the car for about 2.5 years and original remotes from ford yes and yes my foot was on the brake. After i had boosted the car there was no electronic power what so ever it was like the engine was running but not putting out power

This sounds a lot like corroded battery cables to me. They may look good at the terminals, but under the insulation the copper wire could be nothing but junk.


Well the ground one i cut about bout inch and a half off it still has white flakes and stuff through out im sure but its the two main frounds so should i maybe rerun them

I would replace the battery cables. Without good contact you will have all sorts of intermittent problems.

Considering the dog was left in the car, I hope the window was rolled down

Sometimes, people leave the windows rolled up, because they will “just be a few minutes” . . . which turns into hours

On a hot day, that can turn into trouble

And if the windows were rolled up, I hope the ac was turned on

Windows were down and ac was on b7t car had quit

I just reran my two grounds from battery to new spots


“reran my two grounds from battery to new spots”

What was wrong with where the grounds were hooked up originally?

Severe corrosion at the frame?

Severe corrosion of the battery cable(s) . . . ?

As for these new ground connections . . . did you use proper battery cable, and how did you secure them?

Did you have to drill and tap threads in the frame?

I used a bit bigger gauge wire and i bokted one onto the engine like before just in a dif spot cuz other one was to hard to get at and the other one onto frame like before and yes the wires were full of corrosion and the one hround was super rusted

@duncan sounds like you did a good job

One more question . . . did you make sure the new ground cable has a little slack?

So that when the engine flexes going over bumps and what not, it doesn’t tear off the cable

you should also check the other battery cables. Odds are, they are corroded also.

Please pay attention to your spelling and grammar, your posts are almost impossible to understand.

Yes id say has about 4 inches of slack but also still getting codes on dtc 9000 and 9318 which r low battery voltage codes and battery was tested its still good and only a yr old no even. And right now it starts fine but wont keep running when unplug the ground wire so is my altenator going? And apparently my ignition switch needs to fixed so the beeping could that b draining battery life? And

Sorry i am so use to abbreviations and short forms

The car may not run with the ground wire disconnected, that would not surprise me. There may be a poor connection at your new ground point, get it to fresh bare metal to fresh bare metal. Beepeing may mean accessories are not shutting off creating a battery drain.

Well new grounds work great so far and did same with old grounds to frame and engine and being told by others is ignition switch is causing beeping

Maybe the headlights are on?

Nope never had them on after turning engine off it just beeps at me and the interior light flashes ao i turned that off and i can hear it in my home beeping

So today was driving along and radio quit working and then gauges quit completely then car shut down no is that ignition switch or altenator? Anyone