Check Engine Light and Fuel Cap Light

2001 ford focus, the check engine light and fuel cap light are on. Error code is P0457. I’ve replaced the gas cap and reset the computer, but after a couple days the lights and error code come back. Where can I go to find out what to check? which hoses and where?

Look In Your 2001 Ford Focus Factory Service Manual. It Gets Into It In Great Detail. Helm Inc. Will Sell You One.

I purchase a factory service manual for every car I buy because I do my own service.


P0457 Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected.

Must you pass an emissions test?? If the answer is no, then drive on. If it’s yes, have a specialist (emissions) perform a “smoke test” and find the leak…The leak will be in the hoses and tubing between the gas tank and the carbon canister…First, you can check all the hoses and connections around the canister…