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2005 Ford F150 - washed truck engine

I washed my truck engine the engine will start idles a little rough but I have no gas pedal

Unplug the electrical connector to the electronic throttle body and spray WD-40 in the connections. Plug it back in and cross your fingers.


Did the WD-40 no change crossed fingers didn’t work what’s next

Remove the intake duct from the throttle body.

Have a helper get in the truck, turn on the ignition so the dash lights come on, and slowly press on the accelerator and release it.

Does the throttle plate in the throttle body open and close?

If not, the throttle body probably requires replacement.


It might help if @DillonPerrault you told just how you washed this engine . People might have better idea for answers.

He forgot the shampoo & creme rinse…

If it has a distributor make sure it didn’t get water in it I have a 01 has that same problem most of the time it won’t start