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2005 Ford F-150 - diesel in the gas tank

1 put 2.24 gallons of diesel fuel in my
26 gallon gas tank so ive got about.08
percent diesel fuel in a full tank of gasoline with 2 16 oz cans of seafoam
what do you think

Any symptoms?

Drive it!

That amount of diesel fuel will have little effect.

I had a co-worker do that with a 72 Maverick.

All that happened was the engine smoked a little and the engine had a little more power.


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If the tank is full, that’s about 8% diesel, not 0.08%. Still probably not a big problem, and a temporary one. How does it run?

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I have a question. Seems to me one possible negative consequence would be damage to the catalytic coverter(s). At this concentration would that be possible?

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THis is the third person that did this in the last few weeks!!!

I thought that all Diesel pumps had a nozzle that could not fit in a gas tank.

At least, that is how it is in Wisconsin.



@Tester is right, just drive it, you diluted it enough. The 2 cans of Seafoam may have more of an impact that the diesel.

I am like you wondering how so many people get diesel in to a gas tank. For the last couple of month’s whenever I got gas if they also sold diesel I checked to see if I could put diesel in & have not found one diesel nozzle that would fit in my tank.

Plus they never return to tell us how they did it.

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I remember doing it too, but I was trying to find gas as a teen and I didn’t know my dad had Diesel in that can.

Car ran terrible until I got a full tank of gas to dilute it.

I presume all these people got that diesel the same way.


Maybe they are out trying to siphoning gas from some farmers tractor.

I knew a guy that lived next to where all the school busses were parked, back in the early 70s.
He would walk over there in the middle of the night and fill a couple of 5 gal. gas cans.
He always only took about 2 gallons from a bus and moved on to another. The bus company never caught on.


To answer your question it’s no.

The diesel that was added was Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel.

The reason that ULSD fuel is used is, so it doesn’t damage the catalytic converters used on today’s diesel engines.


Thank you, I really had no clue.

I was curious about this too. So I’ve checked at the pumps I use in the San Jose area, and none of them had a diesel nozzle that would fit a gasoline car. Typically there is one gasoline sized nozzle for all the gasoline grades (selected by pressing a button), and a separate larger diameter nozzle for the diesel. But I know several people that live in this area who’ve put diesel into their tanks accidentally. It never occurred to me to ask where they bought gas, until the last one that did it, just recently. This person told me they were visiting a friend living in the rural part of California, central valley, and had to stop at a gas station where mostly farm trucks fill-up. There was only one nozzle for all four types of fuel, 87, 89, 91, and diesel. Must have pushed the wrong button.