2005 Ford Expedition - Transmission issues

transmission only goes into drive, reverse ,1 , 2 its as if the trucks in park . if I turn the truck the truck off the car truck will roll. In park the truck will not rev over 3000 rpms . If I hook a scanner to the truck no codes come up. However the ! comes up. The fluid and filter on the trans A few month ago

Your post is hard to understand but it sounds like you need an independent transmission shop . Most vehicles will limit how much you can rev an engine in park or neutral so probably no problem there .

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I agree it is a little hard to translate what you are saying. the truck should not roll in park. fords around this age are known for the gear indicator to be off. I had to fix mine in my 2003 f-150. so when you are in park the indicator might be showing you are in first. or the opposite. it has been a long time since I fixed it but I believe there is adjustment under the dash. but sometimes there is a broken piece that needs to be replaced.

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