2005 Dodge Ram 1500 - Clunks

2005 Ram Hemi… Intermittent problem…Driving usually up very slight upgrade, ther e tis a clunk clunk fell through accelerator pedal… if pedal pushed, engine revs and goes through problem… recently, when problem occurs, tac goes to zero and returns back to original RPM… When this occurs,there is definite feel in engine firing properly, aGoing to have sensors checked next…

Does your engine have the MDS cylinder deactivation system?

If yes, are you running the correct oil in the engine?

Your symptoms kind of remind me of the Hemi switching the MDS on or off. And that system is very sensitive to the correct oil being used (5W-20, I believe).

Used 5-20 Synthetic since new… Thanks for responding…

Curious. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed an engine problem by way of a sensation from the accel pedal. Do you know if your truck uses a cable connection from the pedal to the throttle body? I’d have guessed for a 2005, that function would be done electronically; i.e. a computer-controlled electric actuator moves the throttle valve.

If it’s a cable, a sensation via the accel pedal could indicate the engine is somehow shifting w/respect to the body. Might want to ask shop to check the condition of the motor mounts.