Ghost on my accelerator

I have a 95 Dodge Ram 2500 12 valve cummings diesel. It’s a manual transmition.

My odometer is blinking and when I put the clutch in after putting it into gear once or twice, the accelerator acts as though I’m pushing down on it-the fuel pedal literally sinks without my foot on it. It’s as though a ghost is pushing the pedal to the metal. What the Heck is going on? I checked the accelerator spring and cable and they are fine. Thanks so much,


I’m going to guess the vehicls speed sensor is bad. In addition to providing a speed signal to the speedo, it also provides a signal to the cruise control system. Perhaps the cruise control module is also defective.

The cruise control system is the onlyy thing I can think of that can physically move the accelerator cable without pedal input.

Check the motor mounts to be certain that the engine isn’t shifting. Also, check to be certain that the ground strap between the engine and the body of the car is good.

Hey, thanks so much.
I forgot to mention that my fuel gauge also isn’t working. The truck was fine a week ago, I started it this AM and its doing the strange surging thing but also my fuel gauge isn’t working. I thought maybe it could be a computer issue? So, I disconnected the batteries and am going to see if the computer resets itself when I connect the batteries back up after about 4-5 hours. I’ll let you know if that fixes the problem.

So the unplugging didn’t work and now I noticed that not only my fuel gauge but also the tachometer doesn’t work. Any other ideas as to why that might be?