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2005 dodge magnum rt front suspension noise

this car makes a heavy clunking sound near the right front under-body over a bump at low speeds. Has anyone had this experience and been successful in determining the cause and effecting a successful repair?

Yes, I have. In my case it was a worn out anti sway bar bushing. Effecting a successful repair cost about $5 and tewnety minutes lying on corrgated cardboard.

There are other possibilities. A loose cat converter heat shield is one. That can be repaired by wrapping a $1.29 large worm-type hose clamp around it, agin with the cardboard.

A worn bushing on a sway bar link is another possibility. About $5.

Kissing the top of the speed bump is another possibilty…as a cause, not a fix.

A bad strut mount does this also.

Or any of a dozen other things.

Man, you’re gonna have to get under the buggy and probably the hood to find the source. Sorry.

Thanks for the response. I suspected the cause was most probably related to loose or worn bushings/linkage-of which there are several. I’ll check out the anti sway bar first. Looks like it’s the cardboard thing.

You mentioned a bad strut mount. The word strut means diffeents things to different people. Are you referring to the mounting for the shock/coil assembly?