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2005 Dodge Grand Caravan Heater Door Actuator Diagnosis

Our 05 Dodge Grand Caravan has very cold AC in the rear, decently cold AC in the passenger seat, but almost no AC in the driver’s seat. This leads me to the heater blend door actuator, but I’m not sure to how to confirm this diagnosis. This model has separate actuators for the driver and passenger, but they are geared together. When I move the sliders to adjust the temperature, they move. How can I know if one of these is bad?

Could be that the refrigerant is just low enough to not get the front evaporator full enough to blow cold air on both sides. Chances are on an '05 Caravan, there’s gonna be a trouble code if an actuator is not working properly. Doesn’t mean a check engine light, just a code. In the BCM most likely.

I just recently added more refrigerant, and the problem was present before and after that.