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2005 Dodge Caravan Bubbling at Sparkplug

Recently had the waterpump replaced and the check engine light came on, mechanic stated it was plug #2. I replaced the spark plug and light came on, car was sluggish and felt like it was an alternator issue. Checked the readings and battery got 12+ then running it rated 13.5-14.5, I also notices smoke from the #2 sparkplug and a liquid bubbling up. Exhaust was showing white smoke. Is this oil? how can I fix this?

There may be a coolant leak into cylinder #2 which would most likely mean a headgasket leak. I would have a shop check that out.

All else fails back to the shop, just hate soaking more cash that we don’t have into it.

Since when is the alternator the first thing to check on a car running “sluggish”

Is this a case of severe overheating (leaking waterpump) and now you have vapor from a sparkplug hole when you remove the plug? Doesn’t sound good