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2005 Corolla S Battery Problem

I drove my 2005 Corolla S almost 400 miles in a trip yesterday in a rainy day. There were 3 short stops (each was about 3-5 min. for rest room or gas) before the car showed any problem, and the car got back to the high way without any issue. At the fourth stop after a meal (~15 minutes), car was completely stalled. Not enough juice from the battery to start the car, though the maintenance-free battery showed a blue color (good) though indicator hole and having a voltage of 16.5 Volt (high) the headlights were not even on. When turning the key, the starter was not cranked, and the car just made some electrical discharge noise like zzzz… A kind stranger helped me to jump the car and I barely drove it to my temporary lodge for the late night sleep, and the car died after arrival. Now I stock here on a Sunday away from home. Could any one can tell me what is possibly wrong of the car?

Have your battery and charging system checked. This can be done at certain autoparts places or even Walmart automotive. The likely culprit is a bad battery due to age.