2005 chrysler town and country

my '05 t&c van has developed a squeal when it accelerates (either by foot or cruise control). sounds like a vacuum squeal. dealer can’t find the problem. does anyone have a suggestion??

Vacuum leaks usually whistle, not squeal. Have the serpentine belt and belt tensioner been checked?

well, i suppose my wording is off. it is more of a whistle. sorry, been a long time and i’m not as mechanically inclined as i was 50 yrs ago when i worked on my own car. i do remember what a vacuum leak sounded like and this sounds like it. does a 2005 town and country have vacuum lines that could leak??

All gasoline cars do have vac lines (at least I’m pretty sure they do - always assumed so). Did the dealer do a “smoke test”? Vacuum leaks are hard to find & smoke is pretty good for that.