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2005 Chrysler Town and Country engine Misfiring

for the last year my engine has been misfiring while slowling accelerating or maintaining speed. At first I thought it might actually be the torque converter so took it to aamco. They found some problems with the transmission and 1200 bucks later, drove it home only to discover they didn’t fix the problem. for the next 6 months, no engine light or any other indication that anything was wrong other than the misfiring feeling itself. just recently, we started getting code 406 which is the EGR valve is open code. I replaced the EGR valve and the code is still active after having advanced auto parts reset the code. we are also, still experiencing the misfiring. I started thinking that if the computer is sending a wide open signal to the egr that may be causing the engine to choke on the excess exhaust into the intake, so i blocked the pipe from the egr to the intake manifold. still missfiring, although the gas mileage improved greatly. i am also now noticing that the seatbelt light and also the red theft deterrent indicator light on the dash will light together for a couple of seconds with the audible trouble indicator tone and then go away. I am beginning to think the whole thing is being caused by the computer but am posting this to get other ideas. Please Help!!!

We have all of these posts about misfire: We shouldn’t, really need to keep repeating ourselves, should we?