2005 Chrysler T & C

Love you show!

Hello guys here are my question(s): a quick comment I wanted to replace the timing chain on this particular vehicle, for the reason I was able to hear a rattle around the pulley area (although the mini- van was running well). I when ahead bought the stuff including the Hayens Repair Manual (took me a full day to do the job) follow step by step align sprockets and chain marks according to the book. I stated it no problem (great) had it idle for 8-10 minutes (no backfiring through the intake). Then I went for a test drive (ck engine light turn on) then I felt some hesitation when I want it to accelerate (although no backfiring through the exhaust) but if I gave it small increments to the pedal it ran fine. Drove it to Autozone ask for ck eng. Test (P0016 Crankshaft/camshaft timing misalignment and P0344 camshaft position sensor intermittent). Bought the Camshaft position senor replace the old one, no luck. I?m stll having the light on with the same codes. I have reopen the timing chain cover at least 3 times and have seen the timing chain match the marks and also at TDC (a friend of mine ck it too and he mention that the timing is right)

1. Why do I still have the codes and the hesitation?

2. Have replace wireset, plugs, tps, clean the throttle body, and check connections, what else do I need?

3. If I made a mistake on the timing chain by misalignment why is the minivan running great in idle, plus the rattle went away?

4. If I misalign the timing chain wish of the sprocket do I need to move first (crank or camshaft) but like I said (open 3 times) and if I move the sprockets the chain marks will not match?

5. What else can I do? Do I reset the PC?

Thank you guys for the time and I hope I can get a response

Here is the description for code P0344:
P0344 Generic Camshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Intermittent (Bank 1 or single sensor)

It states the CIRCUIT is intermittent so you need to include the wiring between the sensor and the ECU also in your troubleshooting. Once you get that problen figured out and if the other problem still occurs it may help to take compression readings to see how the cylinders are working. It appears something in the valve timing isn’t correct. Hopefully once the sensor problem is corrected things will be ok.