01 Chevy Express 2500 Suspension

I have a 01 Chevy Express 2500 with 450,000 miles and Im having some issues with the front end. The problem is when I back up and turn the wheel I hear a clunk or bang coming from the front end, but sure if its the driver or passenger side. I took it not long it and changed the upper control arms with the ball joints thinking it was going to solve the problem but the problem continues. The mechanic told me that it was very hard to align the car as the parts for alignment as really worn. So now the van pulls hard to the right and that loud bang when I back up really scares me. Any of you guys experience or know something about this? I truly appreciated.

No experience with that vehicle, but at 450 k miles there’s almost certainly something else that needs replacing in the front suspension. Theonly way to know, your shop will have to put it on the lift and do their usual suspension testing poking, prodding, and prying to find where the play is coming from. There’s lower control arms and ball joints, tie rod ends, probably some sort of anti-sway links, steering box etc still on the suspect list. Engine and transmission mounts should be considered too.

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Hi thanks for the reply. A mechanic mention the steering as something to look at. What in the steering can go bad and make those type of noises?

The tie rod connects both at the wheel and at the steering box, on both sides of the vehicle, and any of those 4 joints could have play in it. The steering box innards could be worn out or in need of adjustment. And the steering box could have come loose from its moorings. With those symptoms it could be a lot of things, but I wouldn’t start with the steering myself as I’d guess it’s more likely a suspension component.

Broken springs can cause this too. Sometime you can get a clue to that by comparing how high it rides, right compared to left. Distance from ground to the body. The distance should be nearly the same right compared to left. Unlikely, but easy enough to measure.

thanks george i ll talk to the mechanic and let him know about these things… thanks again

If there is an idler arm and it flops around that could happen but it should have been checked. The steering gear could be really worn out. Recirculating balls don’t last forever.

Your mechanic should be familiar with auto repair, there is no need to bring a list of parts to a shop to be inspected. If you try to tutor the tech with a list of things from the internet it won’t be well received.