2005 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Brake trouble

my 2005 malibu maxx ls is scarey to drive. when pressing the breaks it will make a wierd kinda grinding sound and feels like a bumpy road under the brake pedal. just got new brakes and rotors on 2 days ago. ran fine yesterday. just left and it did it again just feet away from my driveway.

Take it back to the shop that did the brake work.


That sound and pedal vibration could be from the ABS system activating. That should only be happening rarely, like when braking on a slippery surface. A competent brake shop will be able to figure it out. The people who did the recent brake work may have neglected some steps.


+1 to Shanonia’s comments.

The grinding noise/bumpy feeling is almost surely an indication that the ABS is activating and is pulsating the brakes. If this is happening on a dry road, that could only be due to either bad tires or a malfunction in the brake system.

Since the OP states that this problem began after brake work was performed, it would seem to indicate a lousy job by the mechanic who did the brake work.

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