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2003 Maxima clunks and "whirling" sound when braking

I just had front and back rotors and brake pads installed. When I lightly apply the brakes there is a "Click click " sound like something is in the spokes of a bike tire. Now the new noise is when I apply the brakes I felt in the brake pedal and heard 2 times “Clunk clunk” and then a whirling sound that got loud and then faint and then stopped all together. The car brakes seem fine.(Sounds seem to be in the front)

I told my mechanic and he heard the clicking but did not know what it was. He ran the diagnostics on my ABS but said nothing came up.

I would appreciate any ideas. My husband says drive it until something breaks but I am nervous…

PS When I brake HARD (which is rarely) I do not have any problems - no sounds at all!

I’m not sure if this has any bearing on the problem, but I wonder if the new pads were ‘mated’ to the new rotors?

Thanks for the input, but I think the brakes were done correctly. It is a very reputable mechanic that did them. I wonder now if it could be my transmission because the whirling sound is very mechanical (like something revving up) and gets loud then soft. The banging before the whirling sound…But it all only happens when I brake…I’m at a loss.

If I am able to come up with a logical culprit I’ll post again, until then be patient and someone with pro tech sense will be able to help I’m sure.