2005 Chevrolet Malibu Classic - Thrown rod?

If someone has check your engine block and it’s good so replace the head they start it and it throws a rod. Wouldn’t they have known the rod was messed up?

Big guesses?
Head was removed from engine?
Block is original. Was not removed?
Why was head removed?
4cyl? V6? Then it’s 2 heads.

I was told it needed engine. The guy fixing it said no it needs a new head. I was driving it one day and it just stopped working in the middle of the street and wouldn’t start again. He said engine block was good just needed head and new timing chain. Then he said when he started it after the work was done it was knocking so now it needs a new motor or a engine overhaul

It’s possible you had a timing issue and bent valves. You don’t normally replace a head. Though getting a rebuilt head sometimes saves time. The head is top end. Crank/rods is bottom end. Normally you don’t have issues with both. Bent rod? Possible. Bad rod bearing? Possible. New short block? Maybe.
Mechanic said timing issue? Head gasket? Why did motor stop running originally?

That what I thought about the head on top and rest on bottom. Wouldn’t he had seen that when he checked the engine block?

That’s my question. Why did motor stop running? What was first guess? Saying new motor time has no details. Mechanic said new head/timing stuff would fix it. Fix what?

They said bad head and needed new engine. Then the person who I got to work on it said replace head and timing that it would fix the problem that’s all I know

A used head is cheaper then a rebuilt motor. But none had any info on the rod issue till it was running again.

Sorry Lisa , there is almost no way anyone on the web can tell you what really happened . I guess ’ they ’ were the first to look at your vehicle and then you had someone else work on it .

I think that you will now have to decide between a used engine ( lower cost ) or having a rebuilt engine installed .

I had a few people look at it but they didn’t want to do the work on it. I took it to a shop and they got for got to order the motor three times.
I’m just wondering if the engine block was good when u looked at it. Would you have seen the rod was bad?

A connecting rod that bad should have been making a little noise before the timing chain broke. That noise may be a subtle knock or rap sound which may vary in intensity on how much wear the bearing has, the amount of oil in the engine, the oil viscosity (or weight), and so on.
It could be (just guessing here) that when the chain broke a piston hit a valve and that impact in turn likely damaged an already worn rod bearing.

The guy working on it said it was knocking after the repair. He never heard it run before with a broken chain so it could be that it was knocking (even quietly) before the chain broke.

The person who inspected the vehicle understood the cause of the failure, the engine may have been operated without engine oil or coolant resulting in the engine damage.

Look into the details of the first inspection, that might indicate the nature of the failure. Rod knocks don’t occur without a cause, the engine must have been operated without a vital fluid.

NO, you can’t tell just by looking.

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Motor stopped running. It needs new head? Oh, why exactly?
No clear answer. Head was replaced. Knocking is discovered. Heck, maybe it was replaced incorrectly?
2.2 4 cyl or 3.5 v6? 2.2 ecotec? Bad timing chain? Heard that before.
OP has bad motor, is bummed. Does not care about folks discussing the details. Other then the rod issue.