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2005 Chevrolet Camaro - Paint - check it out

Topic (New Camaro with non matching doors.)
Since the new Camaro was introduced in 2005 I have noticed the doors do not match the rest of the factory paint job.
All I can imagine is there doors are painted at another station and later matches up with the car on the assembly line.My father retired from the Ford Norfolk Assembly Truck Plant.
They were painted from the same paint gun and later matched up with the truck.
Next time you see a Camaro see if you notice the door color.
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Barry From Elon NC

The Camaro was not manufactured in 2005. The 5th Gen started in 2010 and the 4th Gen ended in 2002.

My youngest son has a 2013 and there is no paint mismatch on it but that’s only a sole example. I’ll pay close attention to late model Camaros and see what’s up with them; if anything.

What i’ve found about 2010 Camaro’s and what i suspect the op is referring to.

Document ID: 2346049

#09-08-51-004: Information on Door and Quarter Panel Paint Appearance - (Sep 10, 2009)

Subject: Information on Door and Quarter Panel Paint Appearance
Models: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro

On the 2010 Camaro, the shade of paint on the doors may appear to be different than the shade of paint on the quarter panels. This appearance varies in severity based on different viewing angles and light conditions. This perception is more apparent with certain colors. Use this bulletin to help the customer understand the design of their vehicle.

Paint Process

At the time of vehicle manufacture, the complete sheet metal body of the car is painted at the same time (the body, hood, decklid and doors). The panels (doors, hood and decklid) are attached to the vehicle and in the proper position when it goes through the plant paint process. All of the panels receive the undercoat layers and top coat finishes using the same material, application process and final bake process. This continuity of process ensures a uniform paint application to the entire vehicle. The result of this extensive process is a seamless paint match over the entire vehicle. The only major exterior panels that do not get painted during this process are the bumper fascias. The bumper fascias receive a flexible paint application using a unique process. All of the paint used in the paint process is matched to a paint color standard, ensuring that the colors are consistent from batch to batch. This color standard also ensures consistency from vehicle to vehicle.

Vehicle Design

On the Camaro, the door to quarter panel angle match is the design intent. The geometry of the quarter panel provides a sporty definition and highlights the depth of the design. It is intended to show the color variation created by angling the body panels a few degrees.