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2005 Altima has a hard time starting, 85k miles

My wife’s car has done this twice now in 6 months. It sits in the garage all night, ran fine the day before, then will not start. The engine turns over just fine, the cranks increase speed after 4 or 5 turns, then returns to normal speed. Pumping the gas or flooring it does not help when she has the problem. (I know, I know, its FI…bad owner) Both times now she has cranked it for 30 minutes or so, called me at work, waited a few minutes to let things settle then tried again. No luck. I have come home from work on both occasions (8 hours later) and after some of the same type of cranking I completely depress the accellerator when it starts cranking quickly and it starts with a nice big puff of grey smoke. It runs fine afterwards. The Nissan dealer had no idea what was wrong. They only knew the price of the diagnostics which showed nothing. I have tried 5 shops with my truck’s issues and have no place to take her car. Please help me tell the mechanic what is wrong so they can fix it. Thanks!


Lexington, KY

I had a similar issue with an 09 Sentra, the cylinders were fuel washed. Call the dealer or any repair shop, and have them look to see if there are any TSB’s or recalls for this issue.