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2004 VW Passat gls wagon with broken motor mounts and flex pipe

I have a 2004 Passat gls wagon with the 1.8T engine (52,000 miles) and just came back from the dealer today having spent $900.00 for oil/filter change, new front brake pads & rotors, replaced transmission range switch and antenna.
Other issues which we did not have fixed, bad flex pipe and broken motor mounts. Quoted $600 for flex pipe and $660.00 for replacing motor mounts.
The other recommended service was replacement of cam tensioner and valve cover gaskets to fix “oil leak” for $317.00
These prices seem way out of whack to me! Not much we can do about what we’ve already had done but can anyone offer some perspective on the flex pipe, oil leak and motor mounts? Could the bad motor mounts have caused the flex pipe problem?

Yes. broken motor mounts could allow the engune to move too much and break the flex pipe.

Why did they recommend replacement of the tensioner? If it is going bad, it should be replaced, but only a mechanic who inspects it will know if its good or not. How did they know to check it? Is it making noise?

The valve cover gasket may be leaking slightly, but probably not enough to worry about. Every time I go to the dealer it seems they tell me my valve cover gasket is leaking, when it’s not. I think when dealer service managers go to school, they get taught to tell every customer their valve cover gasket is leaking, even if only a trace of oil can be seen.