98 VW Passat Engine Mount Leaks

I am considering buying a very well maintained 98 VW Passat with 56,000 (one owner) for $3,000. I’ve been told that the engine mount has a small leak and due to the age of the car, the timing belt should be changed. What can I expect these repairs to cost and is the price of the car with the repairs still a good deal?

If the engine mount leaks, it is probably “enpty” by now. Changing the timing belt will cost you a lot. (I have no idea how much}.

Take it to a mechanic for a real check over the additional items not revealed and prices.

I would pass on this car as it is used up after 10 years although mileage is low.

The “engine mount” is likely a tourque damper( ie shock absorber) cheap to fix if the engine mounts are in good shape. But… The timing belt will likely cost 300- 600 bucks. See the rest below. Try getting a shop to repair the these two problems and split the cost with the seller. If you really want this car.
Be realistic. There are many rubber parts that are now getting old. They will fail due to age at some point in the next 5 years. The price seems good but depending on where you are, replacing the aging bit can be pricey due to labor. Talk to a local vw mechanic about the stuff that wears out. Ask how much to repair these things. I would possibly buy this myself, BUT I do all of my own labor. I have a decent DIY garage with computer diagnostics. If I like a car the labor cost is not an issue. your milage may vary.