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2004 Volvo V70 -Work around idea

i have a 2004 volvo v70 with a manual transmission. i got a manual transmission because i wanted less electronics and simplicity - less things to act “stupid” and break. i was wrong. this this has begun refusing to start, i have it towed at no small cost & the car starts at the shop. the last time this happened the car would also die while driving , so after replacing the starter relay, & the clutch idiot safety switch and lastly the ignition switch it began behaving itself. not it’s doing it again. refusing to start, towing & starting at the shop. there are apparently no error codes so unless t stays dead the mechanics can’t fix it — i want to bypass the clutch pedal sensor - i don’t use cruise control and i have always driven a manual trans - this will be one less useless piece of crap to break. if i short the connector what else does it effect? what else could cause erratic behavior & not generate codes. i really hate cars made after they introduced computers; they are very flakey and and impossible to diagnose because of halfassed implementations of their control systems.