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2004 Toyota Tacoma - Looking for a stick

Hi Ray! I’ve driven stick for over fifty years. Soon I will be looking for a replacement of my 2004 Toyota Tacoma. I want a much smaller vehicle like an Outback. But I also want to continue to drive a manual transmission car, not just a point and go car. I’m told they are virtually impossible to find if I’m looking for a good used car less than five or six years old. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Chris

I don’t think Ray ever answers here . But all you can do is use the web and search all the listing for sale sites and dealer sites.
I don’t consider a Ferrari with an automatic with paddle shifters a point and go car.

Look for a certified, pre-owned Mazda CX-5. Manuals were available in that vehicle until just recently. Subarus also had them, but I don’t recommend used Subarus.

The OP says they have been driving for 50 years . That means that they are now in the prime time period for joint replacement . I can assure them that they will not want a manual shift vehicle during recovery or if the replacement is not a complete success . Mine was not .
Also they might pass up a very good used vehicle just because it is an automatic.

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Speak for yourself on this one @VOLVO_V70. I’ve been driving for 57 years and my car is a stick shift Mazda Miata. It’s a joy to drive it, the clutch pedal is easy to operate and the involvement with operating the car is worth every grumpy moment I have creeping through traffic. Sure, I have to grunt more when getting in and out, but I can do it and I will continue to do it. Every physical activity is louder with age, so get over it and enjoy the years you have.

The original poster should try out a Miata.

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I am glad you enjoy your Miata , but did you miss the part about my knee replacement not going well ?
Also the part that a very good used vehicle might be missed because of not wanting an automatic .

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What I missed is you recognizing that this person has a Toyota Tacoma that is no longer what she wants, but she wants a stick shift again. She has one now, so she knows exactly what she’s talking about, and there’s no reason to second guess her.

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Smaller like an Outback, not smaller like a Miata or Fit, for that matter. I guess we’ll have to wait until she returns to clarify.