'97 Tacoma Manual Drive Transmission Or Power Problem. As Hendrixx once said: "Hep me!"

So I used to be able to shift at the top of the cycle, 3,000 RPM. If I do that now, it really slowly engages, or just seems to go into neutral (while in gear). I can shift okay at lower RPM of 2000, it just takes forever to gain speed that way. Occasionally the RPM will bounce down then up then down at stoplights, infrequently it stalls. What’s going on?

OK, well, so, the news is bad, as I’m sure you’ve deduced by now. I didn’t want to say “clutch,” but here I am: CLUTCH. Anyone have any idea what expense I’m looking at?

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Tacoma1, Are you going to do this yourself? Call around for 2 or 3 estimates unless you have a shop and mechanic that you can trust to do you right.