2004 Toyota Camry - change belts and hoses?

I have a 2004 Camry,110.000 K miles. Only owner. 14 years old. I want to keep the car. Question should all belts and all hoses be changed or change only if needed. Anything else that should be looked at and replaced?

If you have a V6 in this car, it has a timing belt. If it has never been changed, it is overdue. If it has a 4 cylinder, no worries, it has a timing chain. Now, on to recommendations.

The car is 14 years old. Rubber tends to deteriorate. I’d have the coolant changed and the hoses replaced pro-actively to avoid any surprise breakdowns. Serpentine belt(s), too. If it has not had the transmission fluid changed - automatic or 5 speed - I’d have it changed. Likely due for spark plugs, if they’ve never been changed, and wires as well. Change the power steering fluid. Have the brake fluid flushed (it should be done every 3 years anyway)

It may be a god idea to treat the engine to a induction system cleaning - chemicals introduced to the intake air to clean valves. Have the AC system checked to make sure it is fully charged - running low on charge can hurt the compressor.

Anything else - just repair and replace as needed as soon as it is needed. The car will probably go 300,000 miles as long as rust doesn’t become a problem.

Thank you so much for your advice I will surely follow through. Others recommended the same. Made appointment with Dealer to have all the above done for July the 10th. Might cost a pretty penny but in the long run it is worth the peace of mind. It is still cheaper than buying a new car.



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Why are you having the dealer do this?? A good independent auto shop can do all this work for considerably less money than a dealer. Please reconsider!

I have had my ups and downs with independent auto shops both AAA recommended and by friends. The cost of a dealer is not that high compared to independents as I have found out in the past. At dealer I get all genuine parts and mechanics specifically trained for my vehicle. The work is done while I wait. Although independents can provide genuine parts and may be qualified to work on my vehicle In my past experienced they have pushed for other work that was not needed,( I would check with my brother in another state who is a mechanic) and at times they would not follow my instructions. Yes there are good independent shops out there but I have not found them, so I stick to my dealer who have always provide good service, on a timely manner and not pushed for extras. I might save $100 plus dollars with all the work that needs to be done at an independent shop (maybe) but I will feel more confident that the dealer has done the job right while I wait. The last independent shop I went to said I needed $1,500.00 of work and when I called my brother he told me what to look for to verify what the shop was saying, all of it was a lie. So I am leery of recommendations from AAA and friends.

Thanks for your concern and advice


Dealers are known for upselling work that is either not needed or is planned by Toyota for later. If you have a good relationship with your dealer and they don’t play those games, then continue going to them.

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