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2004 Toyota 4Runner - Which ATF Fluid?

There are two Toyota ATFs - The T-IV and the WS. Which of the two is the best for my 2004 Toyota 4runner.

Whichever one is recommended in the owner’s manuel. Don’t go based on theory with this one, go by what is required. 2004 was right in the timeframe of the switchover from IV to WS

Check your owners manual. But I “think”…that Toyota didn’t recommend the WS fluid until the 05 4runner. Check the manual.

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I looked at the owner’s manuals. For August 2004 and earlier assembly, WS is used. If assembled in September 2004 or later, T-IV is used. The manuals both say for MY 2004. It seems odd to me that September 2004 production is for MY 2004 and not 2005, but the manuals are from the Toyota website. OP, you better check your VIN.

For 2004 the V6/4 speed automatic uses T-IV.

The V8/5 speed automatic uses World Standard (WS).

This information is in both early and late build owners manuals.


I know we say to read the manual all the time but sometimes the manual is out of date or incorrect, or else Acura was lying to me about differential capacities. On-line is probably more up to date but best to check with the dealer service/parts dept. also. I think @Nevada_545 is correct though since he seems to work with these.

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Had the same prob with Trans refill capacity in GM manual for 4L80E transmission. Advised 7 qts for pan drop/filter change. Only took 4.5 or so…numerous people online had the same experience. I think all that stuff might be based on CAD drawings, not real world.

Could that mean the transmission was incompletely drained? Was the transmission oil cooler drained completely? Honda cautioned that the fluid was about 2/3 drained when I emptied the sump on my 2005 Accord V6.