2004 Touareg - should we trade it in

Out Touareg is beautiful but costs tons to service and repair and has endless expensive senors and electrical stuff (like we get new tires but the tire sensor is bad so in addition to the tires we need to pay $200. for a sensor). It’s at 95,000. miles and I think it’s agood idea to trade it in and get a more reliable, less expensive to upkeep/repair car. Prioblem is my husband uses it to tow a boat 1-3 times a year so he still wants to be able to do that (tow about 4500 lbs)

So go ahead and trade. My Toyota Sequoia can tow 4,500 lbs easy. You have lots of choices and most will cost less to repair and maintain than your VW. Don’t get a BMW, Volvo, M Benz, Porshe or you’ll find yourself in the same fix. The new Ford Explorer looks nice and I believe can tow 4,500 lbs.

The Explorer is rated for 5000#. Another good choice is the Toyota 4Runner. It also tows up to 5000#. My neighbor tows his boat with an Explorer, but it has an 8-cyl engine. 2008 was the last year for the 8-cyl.

trade it…

VW’s are less reliable than average car, however Touareg is the worst of the worst for VW.

Funny you should mention the Porsche…The Porsche Cayenne SUV shares a platform with the VW Touareg.

If you only tow a boat 3 times a year,consider buying a car and renting a truck for the towing of your boat, the money you save could buy you a grat vacation…