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2004 Tahoe 70k- front end shutter/jolt at higher speeds

I have an '04 chevy tahoe, only 70k. Very recently the front end of the car has started to shutter while driving. This happens when I am going generally above 45mph- more so going up a hill. It feels a little bit like I am driving over unevenness/ripples in the road- even when it’s smooth flat pavement. When I take my foot off the accelerator and just coast the vibration stops.

I got new tires put on front so it is not a wheel balance issue. The car does not pull left or right either like out of alignment. And the engine rmp’s do not fluctuate/strain when the shuttering starts. Please help!

By chance, is this a 4 wheel drive vehicle?

yes it is 4wheel dr. towing package and all

In addition to this information, you will have to specify which of the three transfer cases you have. There is the Borge Warner 4481-NR3 single speed AWD, the Borge Warner 4482-NR4 2 speed AWD, and the New Venture NVG 246 NPS two speed, active, AWD.

If you have the later, it has a clutch pack that is mechanically actuated by the transfer case encoder motor. The Electronic Control Module for the case determines how much torque to transfer to the front wheels by monitoring the front and rear drive shaft speeds. See if the problem goes away when you put the control selector into the 2Hi position. Are the tires all of the same size and wear depth? You can measure the circumferences of all the tires and see if they meet the specification (probably found in your owner’s manual). I am wondering if it is time to change the transfer case fluid. You might check with the Cheverolet service department.

Hope this helps.

The dealer said it was the torque converter that’s bad. 1400 to fix just that, he recommended replacing transmission for $2500. It has also been said that using “shutter eliminator” might help. Or flushing the lines. How much should flushing the lines be, dealer said around $400.

Any insight would be hugely appreciated as I really can’t spend 2500. But I don’t want to mess up the car