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2004 Suzuki Verona Ignition

I’m having trouble with the ignition on my 2004 Suzuki Verona. The problem is (and it seems to be getting worse lately) that I am often unable to turn the key once I’ve inserted it into the ignition. I’ve tried turning the wheel (as it and the brakes feel locked when this happens), but it doesn’t seem to help. I’d appreciate any input on how to solve this problem.



It could be the lock is worn. One thing that can cause premature wear is a lot of extra weight on the key ring. If you have a lot of keys or gadgets on the same key ring with the ignition key, that is likely the problem.

Note for lock problems a locksmith is a better choice than the dealer or mechanic.

what do your key FOBS look like,

do you have the fast system(meaning no key required .in the ignition)?

we’ll go from there.


Hey thanks all for responding!

I don’t think it’s a matter of weight on the ring, but I hadn’t considered that. I don’t have a fast system.


I started having the same problem with my car when the weather got cold. A couple of days ago it locked up on me completely. we took it apart and it was BUSTED!! the dealer i bought i from said that i is a common problem with suzukis. My advice to you is to take it in as soon as possible before you are stuck without a car just like me. don’t make the same mistake i did and ignore it thinking that its normal because it’s not. good luck to you it’s not going to be cheap to fix.

Dealers don’t know anything about the ignition locks on the cars they service and sell,ask Joseph.