2004 subaru outback gas smell

I have a 2004 subaru outback that smells of gas when the tank is filled. The smell persists for a couple of days after the tank is filled. It started in the spring and I brought it to the dealer but they couldn’t find anything. It seemed to go away during the summer but now that the colder weather has started the problem has returned.

No visible leaks? The gas cap seals are ok? Did they test the evap system purge valve?


Have the shop perform an evap service bay test

Have shop look for leaks with the evap/smoke machine

It’s possible the fuel pump seal is leaking. If it is, the smell will only occur when the tank is full.

Do you continue to fill the gas tank after the the nozzle clicks off?

No, I do not continue to fill tank. I’m not exactly sure what they did when they looked at it. The check engine light is not on so I’m wondering if that means the gas cap and emissions canister are ok.

The smoke test sounds helpful.

The gas cap is a cheap fix. No need to replace the canister at this time.

It is under your hood with the fuel lines related to cold weather.THey contract and stink.

There was a recall related to it way back when.