2004 Subaru Outback 192000 lemonlover's lemon



I went to go get quotes from other transmission places. I asked Subaru dealership how much an estimate would be 60 to 120 dollars. Forget that. Another place said he wouldn’t charge me for a quote if I got my car fixed at his place but I got bummed out that he was not up front. There are a couple of other places. I’m going back to Aamco just to get the estimate and parts numbers. Getting a bit of run around. I will just raise the money in mean time as they seem to want to do stuff asap and I will raise money for 3 to 4 months and park it. Wish I had a mechanic in the family.


Oh boy. You want a part number for a transmission seal and a part number for a driveshaft? Just go to Rockauto. It’s all on line. Like said before, what does a driveshaft have to do with a transmission leak? So you’re going back to the den of the lions so they can tell you that you shouldn’t drive the car or it’ll blow up and they’re the best guys around? Then let them put it up on the rack again so they can jimmy something else so you really can’t drive it? Sorry. Men in dresses or not, I’m outta here. I’ve done what I can and sometimes people just have to grab that hot pan for themselves. Good luck.


In the good old days of corner gas stations, the proprietor knew the experts for major work that the gas station didn’t handle. Here is an example: when I was in graduate school and money was tight, my.car needed an alignment. I took it to Sears service center and it drove even worse. I couldn’t get them to make the job right. I asked the proprietor of the gas station where I bought gas and had oil changes done what to do. He said that the local expert in alignment worked at the International truck dealer (International sold pickup trucks as well as big trucks). The gas station proprietor said the alignment man was really busy, but the alignment man was a friend and he would see what he could do. A couple of days later my gas station friend called and said if I would leave the car with him, he would take it to the alignment specialist. My car was ready the next morning. The alignment specialist would come in early and do jobs. This alignment cost less than what Sears had charged and the job was done right.
My suggestion is to ask around and find out who is the expert to handle your problem. In fact, find a good independent shop to do the maintenance. If it is a repair job that they don’t handle, they will most likely know a shop that does the repair you need.
The gas station that did my work was a Standard oil station. Living in married student housing, I had no place to do my own work. I had my oil changes and tune-ups done there. I ran on Atlas tires that I bought there.
As I said, I was in school so money was tight. My time was also tight. My working relationship with the Standard station saved me time and money. From my bad experience with Sears auto service, I learned to avoid chain service repair shops. I think you might be better off to avoid a chain transmission shop.


Thank you! You get my money situation. I just canceled with the guy who wouldn’t give me a quote of what his cost would be for an estimate of a new transmission shop that is recommended on this website and rated at 2.9 . I think that some do not understand that I have to raise the money over a few months by not driving the car and taking the insurance off of it. I’m a retired woman who doesn’t live on much. The other Aamco guy is giving me the run around by not sending me the estimate. My own mechanic who does not do transmissions but who does awesome work as does his mechanics and always gives me estimates with no cost and usually right away, and will visit with me about anything, well I’m not used to this other kind of treatment. Either they are very busy or my car is a conundrum. Puzzler. Hey mechanics out there, I as an older woman really respect and love this kind of treatment where a person is able to actually talk about cars with a mechanic on a very personable level. I love mechanics and workings of cars and should have taken shop in high school but they wouldn’t allow that back in the day. Afterall our cars are often like very personal to us. I will ask around but it will be interesting to confront the manager of this Aamco because he said he’d send me the estimate and hasn’t in a week. I love confrontation, not! It’s not a skill I do very well!


C Hey I’m not discounting what you said. I’m just wondering why my good mechanic recommended these guys and I want to understand their thinking. Besides I just got the run around from another shop recommended on this website who wouldn’t tell me the cost of what just looking at the car would be. And also Subaru cost 60 to 120 dollars for an estimate. I’m looking for a shop who will look at my car without me having to pay for an estimate. I’m new in this town and getting estimates could add up fast but if you want to dismiss my own logical process go ahead.

I also don’t know what is all going on with my transmission. If you all say it’s not making any noises when I drive it, and there is a wobble down there causing oil leakage, well, we need more information.

I would get their report and then 2 more reports. Guess I need some education but don’t give up on me. I am teachable. Not that you aren’t right. I’m just trying to sort this all out logically. I mean most guys do that too when they don’t know things about cars. As a woman and a person, I try to find out all aspects of a problem when I’m clueless. Then decide but it may not be the same decision as you. It is my decision.

And I don’t even know if Aamco is right about what needs to happen, so I’m blindly going about looking up parts I don’t even know I need for something I don’t even know. I need more information. That’s why it’s so frustrating. I could buy an expensive drive shaft that’s not even needed. I need more info. That’s logical, right? I need a transmission tutorial.


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