2004 Subaru Outback 192000 lemonlover's lemon

Working on getting a used one put in but hard to find in my model and maybe dysfunctional. Excuse comments of my man woes. I was just wanting a chuckle like click and clack would do in the old days but I will have to lol at my own self. I’m too smart for many men and an all around strong woman who can wear dresses or overalls while tuning up a car but if there are men out there who are strong and wear overalls or dresses or women too, you can post. I think I might go with new parts. Whoops that can be interpreted wrongly here. Just having fun click and clack style. Stop being so serious, seriously.

I’m sorry you have a transmission leak and a bad driveshaft, but if your title is correct and the Outback has 192,000 miles on it (and is 15 years old), I wouldn’t call it a lemon…when a car is that old, things will break


Like your sense of humor. Good luck making lemonade.

Agree! My wife has a few friends who keep drawing loser tickets in the love game. Most of us would not have patience in keeping a car such as yours running. Yet our hiking and ski group has a number of happy Subaru owners.

As for recommending cars, I only recommend Subarus to mechanics, engineers and those who have a good mechanical knack.

My widow sister-in-law wants to sell my late brother’s Subaru Impreza as soon as possible… I recommended a Toyota RAV4, as she lives in the country and is an avid gardener.

A “lemon” is a new–or nearly new–car with unusual and/or premature problems that the dealer is unable to remedy under the terms of the vehicle’s multiple warranties.
A 15 year old car with almost 200k miles, and with warranty coverage that lapsed many years ago, is nothing more and nothing less than… an old car… and old cars will inevitably have mechanical problems.


Valuable? $1,000, maybe.

Only if it new tires , complete service records and everything on it worked .

Why is it that when a woman finds a man she wants to change him and when a man finds a woman he never wants her to change.

I worked with a woman who bemoaned the fact that all the guys she had relationships with would act like they were in love with her for a while but would eventually start staying out late and coming home drunk. When I asked her where she met these guys she replied “In a bar.”


Hum interesting.

On further thought, I think women are like a fine tuned car whereas a man is misfiring or not running on all cylinders and definitely in need of a tune up or engine rebuild. Just my mechanical analysis. I haven’t met a one yet who didn’t need some work! Now now. I’m just joking or maybe not.

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I’ve been accused of being a masochist but one of the happiest days was when they hauled the old Olds Aurora away on a flat bed and I got my third garage stall back. I gave the $100 to my wife and she was happy too. She never talks about her car anymore. Good luck to you but every hour spent is an hour you’ll never get back.

Perhaps but this old car has 100000 miles left on it and a pretty solid engine after head gasket seals replaced clutch and timing chain and water pump. I’ll go the last mile with drive shaft and I could have a used one put in. Then I’ll take the 100 dollars.

Lemon, I reread your original post. Is there a question in there or are you just looking to trash men?

People here have given you some good car advice, but you seem to disregard it. You don’t need any advice because your mind was made up before you got here.

To have an attitude that the people you meet, especially men, need changing is strange to me. My wife and I have been happily married to each other for 34 years. We both have some quirks, but neither of us wants to change the other spouse. We accept each other for what we are.

You are seriously meeting men in the wrong places or are possibly in need of a new outlook.

There are men out there that don’t need changing. I’m one, for example, but I’m already taken. Not perfect, but perfectly okay to my wife.

Not sure why one would need to save for 4 months for car maintenance and repairs (that must be another story) … Anyhow, good luck with that car!


Nonsense. You haven’t been me or lived in my shoes. Yes I am a capable woman who knows something about cars and about life. What I do want is information on used drive shafts for that model. I will have to ask the Aamco guy for more info. I will erase the info about relationships as it is disconcerting. Perhaps I’m not meant to be with men but women. I could do that! Wrong species I guess.

Forget Aamco, find a good Subaru shop. Aamco is not it. And I’d avoid a used drive shaft, it could have the same problem as yours.

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I thought about that, that a used drive shaft might not be good unless it was on a car that was culled years ago so the drive shaft would be good. Good info thanks.

Doubtful as it is 15 years old and has problems.

Check to see if there are shops that can rebuild your current drive shaft.

All my other Subaru’s went that far so I’m going to bet on it. I’ve had 3 others that all went to 300000 and they had various probs too.

The thing about my current driveshaft is, that someone welded the u joint o onto It. I haven’t seen it. The aamco says a new one is like 800 dollars with u joint but that’s a bit pricey. Also quotes job as 1500 dollars. Wish I had equipment to do it myself, a shop etc as you tube shows it’s pretty easy but dream on. I’m an older lady so am at mercy to mechanics. Any suggestions? I might get 2nd opinion at another shop.