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2004 Subaru Head Gaskets

Typical of Subaru owners, my car is inching towards 100K and I’ve been told my head gaskets on both sides are blown. One side is leaking oil and coolant, the other side just oil. I have been given an estimate of $2000 to fix all of this, plus to do a few extras while the engine is out of the car.

Has anyone had any luck with getting Subaru to cover some of this? I called SOA and they said 2004 wasn’t covered, but I didn’t press. This is complicated by the fact that I’m new in my town, and the only Sub dealer here is notoriously bad. Help! Advice? I found a good mechanic recommendation here, and they seem to be good. Any reason to not fix this, and sell it instead?

Press SOA. How far out of warranty are you (mileage at this point as the warranty for this is 5yrs/60k)? Also did you use a dealer previously for regular service? If you did impress that fact upon them.

You won’t get all covered likely but most or part of it.