2004 ranger thudding wheel sound



Hi i have a 2004 ranger that goes thud, thud, thud, when i drive it. i hear it and feel a little of it at 20mph and the sound increases in frequency in relation to the speed. I have pretty large tires and i’m not sure if this is what’s causing the noise, or bearings or u joint.


Chances are excellent that it’s a faulty tire. Inspect the tires carefully, especially the sidewalls, for damage and bubbles. Also inspect the tread on each for irregular wear. If you find nothing visually, and you have a full-service spare, you can swap the spare with one and then move wheels around one at a time until the noise disappears. The one left will be tha faulty one.

Or, you can go to a shop that has a road force balancer. That spins the wheel with a load applied. They’r good for finding an internal fault that a regular balancer won’t.