2004 Peugeot 505 plastic dipstick broke

Dear Tom and Ray, The plastic dipstick has broken off at about 4/5 " from the bottom and has dropped down into the engine not to be seen. Is there any way this can be recovered without a visit to the mechanic? Also, is the van safe to drive if we haven’t managed to remove the end of the dipstick?

Tom and Ray aren’t here. Forum regulars are…

But, there is no way to remove the end of the dipstick without removing the oil pan. Considering it is plastic (Peugeot uses plastic dipsticks? Dumb) the most likely scenario is the floating piece gets obliterated into plastic hash and it drains out at the next oil change.

Drive on.

Peugeot is by no means the only manufacturer to use plastic dipsticks

Quite a few common vehicles sold here in the US use them, as well

I’m not saying it’s a good idea, just that it seems to be a trend

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Thank you for this Mustangman, I really appreciate your support. We’re in France and need to travel to UK with a trailer. I guess this is such a common problem and so many seem to simply ignore it that, were it to be a problem…we would have heard about it? Thanks again for your help.

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