2004 Nissan Xterra - KS relocation

is it safe to relocate the ks on a 2004 nissan xterra s/c.can’t afford 600.00 to fix it

Well , if you tell what (ks ) means or what it is someone might answer you.


Maybe. It depends.

4.1 hours to replace the knock sensor, would take longer than that to engineer a new location for it.

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I may be going out on the proverbial limb, but I doubt that the State of Kansas has any desire to be relocated.

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The knock sensor is located below the intake manifold so it is able to detect a knock in both banks of cylinders.




Now that we know the OP was referring to the Knock Sensor, if it is defective how would relocating the defective sensor make it work properly? Could the OP explain this concept for us?

You might try using Premium fuel to see if it helps

The only alternative would seem to be the use of high-octane fuel. W/in a few months, the added cost could come close to equaling the cost of properly repairing the problem, but…


High octane fuel isn’t going to help if the OP’s vehicle is displaying a P0325 DTC.



But… the OP still has to explain how the relocation of a defective sensor will cause that sensor to suddenly function properly. To put this on a human level, it is reminiscent of re-touching X-rays so that tumors or other medical problems become invisible.

Are you still able to drive the vehicle? If so, just put some tape over the CEL light until you can afford to do the repair. It’s also possible some other problem will develop that will require that part of the engine be disassembled and the KS can be replaced at the same time; i.e. parlay the labor cost. If you use that method, you’ll have to periodically check if other codes are popping up, and avoid aggressive driving style. Good idea to use premium fuel too. If all this doesn’t prevent knocking you’ll have to stop using the car until the KS is replaced, b/c continual knocking will damage the engine.

The KS’s job is to prevent knocking by automatically retarding the ignition timing slightly when knocking is detected.

I think OP wants to put a new one on, but in an easily accessible location.

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there are a bunch of videos online OP can watch of others doing this.

Yes, that’s what the motivation appears to be. Doubt it will be effective in this case, but I’m not opposed to that sort of thinking in general. Years ago I modified the fan shroud on my truck so I could remove it without first removing the fan, makes replacing the water pump easier.