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2004 Nissan Quest cam position sensor location

Hi, I need the cam position sensor location on bank A. I can’t find it. 8cyl, 5.6 cu in, 2004 Nisson QX56
Thanks for any help or references.


The Nissan Quest and Infiniti QX56 are two different vehicles. Which one do you have?

Never mind fixing it, sell it to a rare car museum. Just that 5.6 cu. in. (93cc.)V-8 for automotive use has got to be worth something. Just sell that and get the correct engine for your vehicle, what ever it is. Problem solved, you are welcome.
Just as an aside how much horse power does that “monster” produce.

PS I know it was a typo (at least I hope so) just having a little fun.:v:t2::joy:

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I have the Infinity QX56.