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2004 Nissan Quest Brakes

I am experiencing some steering wheel vibrations - sometimes significant vibrations - while braking, especially from higher speeds. I had the rotors machined and the pads replaced 20,000 miles ago. Do I do that again or should I be looking at something else? 64000 miles on the van.

If the rotors were machined at the last brake job, this made them thinner making them more suseptable to warpage. You need another brake job. Only this time have new rotors installed.


The process of machining rotors requires some of the metal be stripped away, and rotors have a minimum thickness below which they warp easily. It’s possible that yours are warped…a shop can inspect the rotors to determine if that’s the case.

Another possibility is worn out tie rod ends, but the mileage is somewhat low for that. I’d have the brake rotors inspected as a starting point.

Do you know how much new brake rotors should cost, assuming that is all that I need. I had new pads installed 20000 miles ago so those should be fine, right?

Thank you all for your help.