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2004 Nissan Frontier pulls badly to left

I have a 2004 Nissan Frontier pickup that pulls to the left. I’ve had the alignment done - no change. I had the tires moved from the left to the right side - still no change.

Firestone is recommending I all the front ball joins at a cost of $1200. Is that really the problem?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


well it is 9 years old so that could very well be a problem. now if the ball joints are bad the alignment should not have been done till they were fixed. $1200 well i was gonna say that sounded a little steep but according to alldata wether it is 2 or 4 wheel drive doesnt matter and you didnt say, the ball joints are replaced as part of the entire upper and lower control arm assembly so 1200 probably isnt bad. i would definitely want to see for myself that they are bad i bring people back all the time to look if they want to. there are other things it could be ie hub, sticking brake caliper but i guess my suggestion would be and i see this alot too get a second opinion we have people come in all time saying this one or that one said i need this or that can you check it out for me? i wonder why unless you are just new to town or something why people would take there car to someone they dont feel comfortable with

I think I would go somewhere besides Firestone. A second opinion is in order here but I suspect that it an alignment problem. Someone didn’t do the alignment correctly.

*5 on Keith’s comment. Firestone is to car repair what William Shatner is to acting.

You need someone who can give an exact diagnosis. If they can show you the ball joints are bad then go for it. Otherwise take it to an aligment specialty shop and get a second opinion.

Why we gotta bring cpt. kirk into this?

@g-14classified in case I am not the only one, WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY?