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2004 Nissan Altima - oil is ok in the morning, but it’s gone when warm

when I check my oil in the morn oil is ok when I check it warm it shows almost none

That is when you get the best reading. If the engine is warm you need to wait about 15 minutes for the oil to drain back to the pan to get a accurate reading.


If the oil drain-back hole(s) on the head(s) are plugged with sludge, it takes a long time for the oil to drain back into the oil pan.



Tester is right on the money here. I had the same problem with a Chevy truck several years ago. I pulled the valve covers and broke through the “crust” on both heads. Problem solved. I had to flush the oil pan to remove all the crud.

you check how long after motor is stopped? 1 min? 1 hr?