2004 Lexus IS 300 brakes cut out

Hi, I was driving my car, and accelerated with a bit more pressure than normal. The car jerked froward and the ABS/skid symbol lit up on the dashboard. Then the car brakes wouldn’t work. And despite me not pushing the accelarator the car wouldn’t slow down - it wouldn’t coast to a halt. So after about a minute or so after lots of pushing on the brakes then the brakes finally worked (luckily no one was harmed during this time). I had the car towed to a mechanic, and they checked it over and couldn’t find the cause of the problem. I had 4 new tyres fitted onto the car two days before. The car has 244,000 kms on the clock, but other than this hasn’t given me any troubles to date. If anyone has some thoughts on the cause I’d much appreciate it?