2004 Land Rover Discovery S

I am selling my Rover and the potential buyer is concerned about having the brakes redone at 60,000 miles. Is this something that has to be done and what is estimated cost.

Please define “brakes redone”.

If this is just new pads then about $250. If it’s a complete brake rebuild with new rotors, pads and hardware allow about $650.

But - If the truck has ABS system problems it can cost a great deal more depending on the problem.

Well, if the Disco doesn’t need pads now, you aren’t responsible for what will happen. Few used cars have new pads. If your buyer’s concerned about normal maintenance a Disco’s not for them.

Yes it was just the rotors, pads and hardware. I really appreciate the info.

Have you replaced these parts before? How many miles are on it? The complaint might just be an excuse to get the price lower.

No, never had any problems, 63,000 miles. It appears that he may be trying to get a lower price, I have already priced it 1500 under blue book. Thank you everyone.