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Chevy Blazer brakes

Friend says his 2003 Blazer has never needed brakes - is this possible?

Sure! If it’s not driven very much.


Oops! forgot to mention the blazer has 100k miles on it.

Still possible if he’s just easy on the brakes. My mom and dad’s car has 80-some thousand on it and its brakes are fine.

Has he owned it since new? Could a previous owner changed them? Just cause they may have never been replaced, doesn’t mean it doesn’t [i]need[i] them :wink:

Or, does he just bounce off things to slow down. :slight_smile:

Had the brakes redone at 96k on my blazer, I bought it used but the previous owner had only had the rotors turned at 60k. I had one bad pad on the front and one bad pad on the rear. My brakes guy said he has one lady who had her brakes checked on her blazer with 98k and they were still fine.
Can’t even get 100k out of a set of brakes, what’s the deal with that? :slight_smile: